Reputation Management

Has your business, website or blog been suffering from bad reputation? Is your money website or otherwise being penalized by Google or recently facing ban issues from the major search engines as a result of the unhealthy practices of some unprincipled marketers damaging your reputation online?

Are you frustrated because of the negative reviews about your brand, business, or website online, which is harming your business reputation? It even becomes more depressing when these negative remarks appear on authority sites such as; Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and so on.

In this particular article, we shall be examining how an effective reputation management services can help you quench the fire of the competition, thereby developing a positive and reliable online presence. Before going further, I’ll like to quickly explain what a Google penalty is.

Google Penalty

As the name suggests, Google penalty refers to a negative impact on a site’s search engine rankings based on certain Google algorithm updates – the most common being Panda and Penguin.

The ability of your website to avoid an algorithmic penalty will ensure it receives Google’s trust as well as stay in Google’s good books. This will ensure you get cool results in search engines, keeps your business running, thereby building and enhancing a positive reputation online.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is the process of taking charge of a business or a brand’s reputation on the web. It entails the practice of managing how your targeted prospects/audience sees, view or perceive your website on the web, social media, and search engine result page.

In a wider viewpoint, it relates to SEO and makes use of organic search engine optimization techniques. Nevertheless, the major aim is to enhance positive content rather than negative reviews, pushing down and reducing the negative content in the SERP, thus, promoting the reputation of a corporate entity, brand or website online.

How Does Reputation Management Help?

With the internet connecting and making the world a global village, consumers all over the world now have a voice to either promote a brand or pull it down. The emergence of forums, social networking, and social media has also given consumers the power to give their reviews about a website or business better, and to the larger global audience.

In addition, a good number of dishonest web marketers are using the instruments of negative and false remarks to hamper the reputation of another competing site. This has indeed become a very big challenge for websites today because their targeted audience can see and read all these fake remarks whenever they do a search online. This drastically smears the reputation of the website, reduces its ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERP), getting it banned from the search engines in the long run.

The benefits of an effective reputation management should not be handled with levity. The importance of a professional reputation management specialist should therefore not be undermined. It goes a long way in managing the reputation of your brand/website as well as fostering a healthy relationship with your prospects. These professionals utilize certain internet marketing techniques to promote positive content and reduce the effect of the negative reviews about your business.


How Does Online Reputation Management Works?

An effective reputation management service includes:

  1. Successful Monitoring
  1. Effectual Response
  1. Increase Accessibility

This is achieved by employing certain online reputation management techniques; promotion of positive content, publishing new content and building social media profile, addressing negative remarks on various internet media, and practical involvement in social media through social networking, forums, and blogs.

In all, you must take the steps to put an effective reputation management services in place, so as to thrive online and leave a good impression on your targeted customers.

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