SEO Services

We get your website found today! We offer quality search engine optimization and search engine marketing in our SEO program, together we will devise strategies that promote your business and company’s website. We always start with a website analysis, provide a detailed report of our findings utilizing our enhanced tools, and only then, build a roadmap to produce your desired results.

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Artifical Intelligence

Our A.I. system was built around the idea that big data shouldn’t be a fantasy in your business. Even the smallest of companies are launching marketing campaigns without a clue who they should be targeting. The “spray and pray” method is an extremely expensive and inefficient one, and most businesses just can’t afford to even begin on a marketing project with so much gray area targeting. Our agency is here to help with your targeting problems. Give us a call and we will identify your avatar, guaranteed.

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Website Analysis

The siphon is a proprietary traffic filtering software system that we use. With unlimited customizable rules that construct a filter for any traffic situation. Siphon installs and configures instantly. Utilizing its RiskDecision Algorithm to judge traffic based on user set rules like Geo location, device type, and connection type. The siphon is used to prevent IP fraud, increase ROI and lead quality, and target the most valuable traffic to put you in control of who sees your content.

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Total Marketing Solutions

Protect your website from Click Fraud, Bots, Malicious Visitors, and Data Thieves, all while delivering Targeted Traffic. Develop your Avatar Profile to target the right people right now. Categorize Calls, Transcribe Leads, Measure Conversions, and calculate your ROI in real time. Receive Leads that fully integrate with most popular CRM’s weekly keeping the appointment book full. Send SMS reminders and automatically send marketing materials when a lead doesn’t schedule an appointment. Market Exclusivity in your city or metropolitan area.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing does not start and end with a Facebook account or even the Top 4 social media sites. It is much more than the Top 4 even. It’s no doubt that social media networking sites have taken the Internet in a new direction. They are powerful marketing tools that every business must deal with and use. Our social media strategy aim is to increase your social media presence and integrate social media with your website. When customers share content from your website to social media this creates backlinks and gives your website more relevancy. Social Media is a key factor in your over all SEO score. Ultimately the goal is the conversion of leads to customers through the use of social media signals and marketing efforts.

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Website Design and Development

Our team of qualified designers can work with your existing website or develop a new one from the ground up.  According to Google data,  25% of all websites on the Internet today are built with WordPress.  We strongly recommend a WordPress site which is accepted by most top SEO as the gold standard.

Many website owners don’t have a clue why their site is under performing.  This is not the uncommon situation presented to us and it is something that we help our clients with on an ongoing basis. If you have a 1-2-3 build it yourself style website, a newly developed WordPress or equivalent website will be the forefront of giving your business the exposure that you desire on the internet today. Our team of developers is here to help you build your website and then help you rank your business on Google’s page 1.

We will evaluate all of the online venues that you currently have and suggest solutions on how we can develop better more streams of income.

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