Accurate Analytics

Accurate Analytics

A large number of website owners or publishers have this erroneous view that all work is done once they build, set-up, and add some contents on their website. Little did they know that every site MUST be analyzed before you conclude that the job is done? Analyzing and optimizing your website is the first step in successful internet marketing. Failure to effectively do this will result in non-targeted traffic to your website. Perhaps you started off on the wrong footing and your online business is not able to attract targeted traffic to your website. With our website analysis, the situation can be identified, and subsequently, allow us to create an array of solutions to remedy any issues. Once we begin making the appropriate changes the results will enhance the position of your website so that it starts getting much-improved traffic, but more importantly traffic that will help your business expand.

What are website analytics?

Website analysis is the most important place to start when considering whether an SEO campaign is right for your business. In order to carry out a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, it is pertinent to understand where your problem areas lie and what requires an urgent fix or attention. Remember that what gets measured always gets improved.

A website analysis describes the process of performing a thorough check and examination on a website for the purpose of SEO and traffic quality. It can be executed by deploying our powerful software that captures, categorizes, and records all the traffic that comes to your site. Before taking on any new client our policy is: We do a 30 day analysis, provide the clients a detailed report of our findings, and then a road map of implementation to fix your current issues. When you opt-in for our services it will involve some enhanced tool implementation and the end result will be – better positioning and rankings for your website.

Website analysis entails checking the quality of your internal and external links as well as your anchors. It involves ensuring that your metadata is in place, checking the speed load of the website, and ascertaining its accessibility to the major search engines. A good analysis will also advise on how deep your web pages are and the number of clicks it takes to arrive there amongst others. We will also provide you with GEO data, BOT data reports, humanity scoring of all your visitors so you know just how good every single visitor is. It is only then are we able to develop the perfect game plan execution to surpass your competition.

What is click fraud?

Click Fraud – The practice of repeatedly clicking on an advertisement hosted on an Ad Network such as Facebook, Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Etc. with the intention of generating revenue for the host site or draining revenue from the advertiser.

To put an end to this, our software will obtain all the originating IP’s, block the malicious intent in your AdWords campaign settings (Up to 500 per campaign per Google’s rules) or you simply report the illegal activity utilizing our reports to Google. It is noteworthy to mention that Google has a specialized click fraud unit that utilizes certain advanced tools to investigate such complaints/cases, however, they also state that on average they still have about 10% click fraud. Our tool known as Siphon detects traffic on the server level verifies any click discrepancy on your Google AdWords report, as well as provide you with detailed Geo-Fenced data to help you verify you are receiving targeted traffic.

One of the best uses of Siphon, however, is using the detailed data provided, to help you understand where to target your ads, which ad group(s) perform well, as well as ads that are costing you money. By knowing this information it’s easy to increase your ROI without increasing ad spend resulting in more revenue earned.

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