Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In a time and an era where technology is advancing at an alarming rate, communication has become better and easier than ever. The world is no longer a sphere of vast populated lands; it has now shrunk into a global village (network) of communicating individuals.

Individuals and businesses across many countries of the world have been brought closer together and distances have reduced to the extent that striking or closing a business deal is merely a click away – all thanks to the emergence of Social Media.

A report says the number of active users on Facebook, for example, is more than twice the size of the population of USA. A large proportion of these users is prospective customers. It’s therefore not a surprise that hundreds of thousands of businesses are now including social media marketing as part of their marketing mix.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It is the process of creating awareness, grabbing attention, and magnetizing web traffic through the use of social media sites. The world of the social media is indeed wide and extensive. Social media marketing is, therefore, the usage of these platforms to create strategic marketing channels that reach different locations, sexes, ages, interests, and much more.

A happening, release, launch etc. in one part of the globe can reach other parts of the world in seconds. Imagine if that event, happening or news was about your business. That is the power of social media marketing. It has been rightly described as the perfect vehicle to reach one’s targeted audience and achieve massive results. Combine the use of our Avatar Identification system, our Social Media Marketing system, and the significance each of these platforms provides, and your business is guaranteed to see an increase in overall profits.

Talking about website rankings, all SEO services providers and experts agree that social media marketing is one major way to increase traffic, viral noise, and relevance of your website. The by product of this is receiving some massive back links and link juice.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Bring International Fame to your Brand

Social Media serves as a launch pad to international recognition, acceptance, and fame. When you build a social media page for your brand or business, what you are doing is announcing your services. Your business could be instantly known across the globe with thousands of followers and fans.

Tons of people visit these social sites daily to communicate online, catch trending news as well as express their views. Stepping into the world of social media marketing will make all or a greater number of these people become your potential prospect. Your services are just a click or search away.

Brings you closer to hundreds of thousands of people with little or no hassles

Talking about maximization of time and management of financial resources, social media marketing is the way to go when compared with physically reaching out to millions of people worldwide. Social media marketing is practically free. It is therefore the best and most effective way of reaching your potential and targeted clients on a larger scale.

Promote your product or business as a serious business

Social media grants you access to places your business might never get in the next 10-20 years. It provides a platform to meet people in remote and extreme parts of the world that are in dire need of your product/services. It is therefore an opportunity to make a bold statement about your business and the seriousness of the services you provide.

Creates an effective communication channel between you and your client

Social media provides a 2-way communication between a business and their potential customers. Your presence on social media as well as your response to clients’ enquiries helps them to build some level of trust and confidence in your dealings. Let your customers leave ratings and tell potential new customers how satisfying it is to do business with you.

Gives you detailed feedback about your viewers

Social media marketing provides you with some vital stats such as; total number of visitors, visitors per day, their ethnicities, religion, preferences, hobbies, and localities. This is a great insight for you as a business owner when coupled with our Avatar Identification. You will know instantly if your Social Media Marketing is capturing the correct audience. Having this information at your disposal will help you to alter or tweak your campaigns for maximum conversion and results.

In a nutshell, you create awareness for your product, and social media marketing in return educates you about the people who showed or took interest in it. You get to connect with them on a personal level through the network of social media.


It makes you more accessible all throughout the year. Some customers find this medium inexpensive when compared with telephone calls. They can chat with you or even drop an inbox message and you can choose to respond as soon as you wish. This constant availability or accessibility is missing when dealing with a physical office due to the restraints of operating hours. This solidifies the bond between your business and your customers and inspires a feeling of loyalty and trust in your brand.

Your brand is seen as a person

Though the benefits of doing business as a company supersede that of an individual, a number of people still prefer doing business with a person as against an organization. The reasons for these are not farfetched. Customers want to deal with someone who has a real presence; an individual they can relate with. They prefer someone who has emotions, feelings, thoughts, empathy, and so on. This is what social media marketing does. It gives your business a human personification.

You might discover new opportunities

Through your constant and regular communication with clients, you might discover certain untapped markets that you can quickly exploit. In other words, social media marketing opens you up to other greater opportunities and connections.

Social media levels the playing field

Whether you are a startup or an established corporation, social media marketing puts all businesses on the same level playing field. Your ability to attract the right audience is now dependent on your skills and other vital factors. Let our team of experts who’s vast skill set combined with years of experience put your brand in front of the right people the first time.

Exponential growth of your network

Social media marketing has the capacity of making your campaigns go viral. As more people join your network, they become the cause for other people to come on board. This will in return lead to the growth of your business.

People are more receptive to Social Media

People on social media are bound to pay more attention to what their family or friends are talking about. Imagine having your posts, promotions or latest news right before your targeted audience, the readers will share or forward it to their acquaintances and the message will spread like wild fire. The backend SEO results of this is phenomenal all while not costing your business additional marketing dollars.


Because social media marketing is practically free, it is cost effective and very easy to manage unlike when you are trying to physically implement marketing campaigns on major Pay-per-Click networks.

Conclusively, the footprint of your business can stick around for a very long time when you know how to utilize social media marketing to your advantage. Almost every brand is keeping their online presence visible. It will be unwise to underestimate how social media marketing can affect the perception of your business in the market place today.

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