Total Marketing Solution

Total Marketing Solution

Pensacola SEO Agency saw a need to give businesses a “total marketing solution” that allows them to focus on their business. In the bustle of day to day business, owners simply don’t have time to get in depth on various analytical platforms, call tracking software let alone be a true master of marketing. With the SEO business being more and more cut throat, companies over promising under delivering, cheap prices, and call centers dialing for dollars all day long we realized we MUST be different. Through extensive research and testing, we have used so many products out there we have taken the best of the best to give your business an answer to all your marketing needs. Now you can focus on your business leaving the rest to us, receive your bi-monthly high-level executive summary, so you know your true ROI and marketing dollars breakdown. Listed below is a detailed outline of just how in depth and responsive our marketing system truly is.

Accurate Analytics

Pensacola SEO Agency’s proprietary tool gives our customers robust metrics to help them make informed decisions. Since our powerful tool does not utilize JavaScript, we can capture all forms of traffic without worrying about our tracking system being stopped by script blockers, ad blockers, or visitors with JavaScript disabled. If you are using a JavaScript based tracking solution, your numbers are probably not accurate, therefore you are making decisions with incomplete information. Companies like Google Analytics only provide you with partial data. Take control of your website traffic today with Pensacola SEO Agency.

Increased Conversions

We put you in complete control of your traffic and the experience your visitors have. Our proprietary tool identifies traffic before your page loads, so you can create multiple rules to show different kinds of content to the different type of visitors your website has. This powerful “Traffic Filtering” increases conversions by delivering content based on who the visitor is, where they are, how they are browsing, and what they want to see.

Decreased Bounce Rates

Website bounces hurt your SEO scores and decrease CTR when publishers are advertising. Bounces usually occur when a bot hits your website too fast and leaves These ‘selfish’ bots are usually scraping content, recording your prices, stealing your images, checking your SEO scores, and performing other analyses that only benefit your competition. Our powerful tool eliminates this from happening with a simple click.

Protect Your Content

On a website, your content is king. It’s expensive to create and difficult to maintain. Our powerful tool protects your content from scrapers so your hard work isn’t published someplace you don’t control. Duplicate content in Google’s search engine even can hurt your rankings. Guard your content and eliminate scrapers before your content loads.

Stop Competitor Analysis Tools

SEO agencies utilize Competitor Analysis Tools like SEMRush to detect holes in your SEO strategy. They take this information and make changes to their own websites to overtake your rankings on Google. When you do business with our Agency we will completely block these tools from accessing your website. If you choose to do so we will even redirect them to another website to confuse the results of their analysis.

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